Tanya Sharma, Co-Founder of Assurea LLC and Najib Rehman from ATMPS  were excited when invited to join Jesse McLaughlin, host of Modern Biopharma Podcast ,to talk about how Blockchain – a new technology that is exploding in our industry – can be used to help us make a jump towards more available therapies for more people. This fascinating podcast provides basic information on Blockchain – what it is, who “owns” it, and why is it an important element for the pharmaceutical industry today.

Tanya and Najib share their thoughts on the essential security of Blockchain, which they describe as a secure type of ledger which is organized in blocks.  By its very nature, Blockchain is decentralized, so that there is no “one party control”, enabling trust and transparency with business partners and vendors, and making possible the ability to track data in such a way that everyone has identical information. They go on to discuss, in detail, how Blockchain can improve today’s basic supply chain components, offering a chain of custody that is visible to all involved, reducing the risk of tampering information, and creating a permanent audit trail – elements that are critical as the pharma industry works around the world to reach populations in different countries and increase diversity of clinical trials, which is crucial, particularly in new areas such as personalized medicine. 

These days, data is gold. Organizations should look at data integrity holistically to understand integrating Blockchain with their existing systems. By doing so, biopharma companies can deliver greater customer confidence, compliance, quality, and data integrity.

Listen to this link to podcast to better understand what this new technology – which is taking us by storm – is all about, and what it can do to help all biopharma companies – large and small – to provide better treatments for patients worldwide.