It's about creating a ripple effect

Because, underrepresented ideas need to be heard.

With this 2023 campaign, our mission is to get more women endorsed for their innovative ideas.

Women are underrepresented in STEM leadership and entrepreneurship. With all of our collective energy, we can elevate and encourage more women to keep the momentum going and inspire others! 

As a woman owned company, we wouldn’t have been able to grow Assurea without the support from mentors, colleagues, family and friends – this support motivated us to start a movement to influence a positive space for women go-getters! 

rooting for women entrepreneurs

What is #rootingforyou?

Sometimes, all we need is a boost of encouragement to continue our journey! This campaign is a call to action to build a positive space for women to share their ideas and be celebrated for their contributions. We can do that by being an ally, advocating, and spreading awareness – by rooting for them publicly. 

How can you get involved?

✅ Become an ambassador and take the pledge for #RootingForYou 💜

✅ Follow us on LinkedIn for #rootingforyou highlights:

  • We share ambassador stories every Monday and information on #rootingforyou events.

✅ Participate in our #rootingforyou challenges.

Become an Ambassador


What is an Ambassador X Change?

Invitation only platform to bring together ambassadors that are leading change and elevate them by getting their vision out there within our network! During an X Change, ambassadors are paired together as an opportunity to be an ally, share experiences and post a message of encouragement for others on LinkedIn with the #rootingforyou.

This is our way of changing the social norms around promoting others publicly.

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